Fishing Schedule

SPIRIT of ADVENTURE 2014 Long Range Schedule

- The rates include all meals, snacks, bait and Mexican visa. The Mexican fishing permit is not included. These fares are cash/check discounted.
- There will be NO fuel surcharge unless the cost of fuel is more than $4.25 per gallon.
- Charters marked with a name and phone number usually have space available and can be booked directly with the person on the schedule.
- All trips depart at noon and return at approx. 7 AM.

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Trip no.  3 = 5 spots available
Trip no. 7 = has 3 spots available
Trip no. 17 = 6 spots available
Trip no. 18 = 6 spots available
Trip no. 22 = 3 spots available

16/166/215CharterAlan Tani24
26/226/275CharterJim Boyle/619-440-237120
36/287/57CharterTim Green 858-573-059125
47/57/105CharterJim Boyle/619-440-237121
57/107/1441,290Avet open party/619-226-172924
77/207/255CharterScott Buchanan/619-787-490921
87/258/17CharterJoe Citarella 575-937-0967
98/18/65CharterBig Ten/951-318-353024
108/68/1041,290open party/619-226-172924
118/108/155CharterAvet/Ken Bernstein/818-370-894618
128/158/194CharterBruce Davis/805-499-399524
138/198/2341,290Avet open party/619-226-172924
148/238/2741,290David Covert open/619-226-172924
158/279/15CharterBear's Tackle/951-845-821320
169/19/761,910open party/619-226-172924
179/79/125CharterThe B&S Charters 760-747-253721
199/199/267CharterAvet/Tuna Chasers/949-240-081021
209/2610/48CharterBruce Davis/805-499-399520
2110/410/128CharterJim Hart/Grady White
2210/1210/2192,850AVET/open party/619-226-172920
2310/2211/2113,470Avet/open party/wait list20
2411/1111/2413CharterJim Boyle 619-440-237120

The next trip with available spots is our 10-day, leaving San Diego Oct. 20 and returning Oct. 30, 2010. The load is limited to 20 passengers. The cost of $2,690.00 includes accommodation, all meals, snacks and bait.  The Mexican excursion permit is an additional $100.00.”