Fishing Tackle

In most cases you really do not need a lot of tackle to fish long range trips. As a general rule, here are our recommendations;

30lb Outfit
40lb Outfit
50 Gold Outfit
Trolling Outfit
Size 2,3,4 Hooks
30lb, 40lb, 50lb Fluoro Carbon
A few trolling feathers
A few surface and sinking irons
Split shot weight
Sliding sinkers
Rubber core sinkers
A fishing waist belt
A pair of dikes
Extra line
Rubber boots

It would also be a good idea that you stop by the tackle store prior to boarding the boat to check out what the most recent catches have been, and what additional tackle may be recommended. Sometimes tackle needs may change due to size of fish or size of bait.

The boat has Seeker rods with Avet reels and IZORLINE.

This tackle is available to use at no charge. The landing store also rents rods. If you are a novice and short on tackle, just give us a call prior to your trip, and we will accommodate you in some way. If you are a little short of tackle during the trip, the crew will help you out with whatever you may need.