Master Chef Dan “Bubba” and Chef Dean with over 30 years experience, both pride themselves on presenting some of the finest food in the fleet. Much of the food is “Home Made” and always fresh. A normal day consists of a large breakfast, lunch, and hearty dinner with snacks available all day long. Very seldom will you finish a meal as the portions are always large. Most of the fisherman look forward to the menu for  last night. The Chefs will normally prepare a feast of Prime Rib or Steak.

If you have a special needs diet, or a vegetarian palate, please let us know a week prior to departure. We will do our best to  customize a menu to meet your dietary restrictions. All meals are included in the price of the trip. Additional beverages such as beer & soda can be purchased for the minimal price of $1 each. Experience the fine dining aboard the SPIRIT of ADVENTURE!