Natural History/Whale Watching Trips

#1San DiegoFeb. 09, 2020Cabo San Lucas Feb. 20, 2020Charter
#2San DiegoFeb. 24, 2020Cabo San Lucas Mar. 06, 2020Charter
#3San DiegoMar. 11, 2020Cabo San Lucas Mar. 22, 2020Charter
#4San DiegoMar. 26, 2020Cabo San Lucas Apr. 06, 2020**Charter
#5San DiegoApr. 10, 2020Cabo San Lucas Apr. 21, 2020Charter

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All trips depart at 10 PM and arrive at the destination between 6 and 8 AM.
*We reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge in case there is a drastic increase in the cost of fuel. You would be notified in advance if this becomes necessary.


As experience has shown over the past years, each trip has its own special features. The following brief description of our itinerary will give you an idea of possible sightings and activities during the trip.

Apart from these highlights, each trip offers daily encounters with dolphins and a variety of land, sea, and shore birds. Regular stops provide great opportunities to explore Baja’s islands and beaches.

The itinerary will be followed loosely to allow us to take advantage of opportunities and respond to weather conditions in order to maximize your experience. Guests set their own pace, and choose the activities in which they wish to participate.



Route: San Diego – Todos Santos Island – San Benito Island – San Ignacio Lagoon – Magdalena
Bay area – Los Frailes – Island hopping in the Sea of Cortez – Cabo San Lucas

On the first day of our trip, we will cruise along TODOS SANTOS ISLAND with its harbor seals and variety of sea and shore birds. On our way south towards SAN BENITO ISLAND, we will look for migrating Gray whales and dolphins. Most of the second day will be spent on SAN BENITOS ISLAND, which is known for its large elephant seal colonies and numerous osprey nesting sites. In recent years, the Guadalupe Fur Seal has been seen here too. The elephant seals can be observed at close range. Depending on the time of the season, passengers will get a good look at the elephant seals and their pups. In SAN IGNACIO LAGOON, we will observe Gray whales. Earlier in the season we will see adult male and female whales and cow/calf pairs; later on the bulls will already be on their northbound migration. Cow/calf pairs often approach our skiffs, much to the delight of our passengers. On our journey south, between San Ignacio Lagoon and the Cape, we might see the first Blue and Humpback whales.

The days in the SEA OF CORTEZ, one of the richest seas in the world, are truly magic. Here we search for Blue, Humpback, Fin, Sperm, and Killer whales. Daily encounters with large schools of dolphins are a special treat. A highlight is snorkeling among curious sea lions. We visit different islands with opportunities for bird watching, beach combing, hiking, swimming or snorkeling and skiff excursions. Our transition from temperate to tropical waters makes this an extraordinarily rich and varied expedition.

The SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE is a small passenger vessel, not a cruise ship. She is 88 feet long and 25 feet wide and provides excellent stability. Accommodations are provided in 14 small, air-conditioned cabins with limited storage space. Most cabins have upper and lower bunk beds, wall to wall carpet, and reading lights. Four toilets and three freshwater showers are located on the main deck. Meals are prepared fresh daily and all passengers are served in one seating. The galley is equipped with a TV, DVD player and natural history books. Outside seating is available on the main deck as well as on the upper deck. Additionally, there are three aluminum skiffs with outboard motors for the numerous shore excursions.

The SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE is S.O.L.A.S. rated to travel anywhere in the world. She is equipped with the most modern safety, navigation and communication devices. Her schedule includes not only the Pacific region of the Baja Peninsula, but the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) as well.

The crew is led by Mike Keating, the owner and operator with over 25 years of experience in the waters of Baja California, his first mate, 3 licensed skiff operators, the chef and assistant. An experienced naturalist/wildlife interpreter accompanies every trip to answer your questions. His regular evening programs inform about the next day’s activities and possible sightings. Guests set their own pace and choose the activities in which they like to participate.